Life Behind the Lens

It looks like Spring might actually here and that makes me excited! I'm excited partially for the warmer weather, but mostly because, to me, Spring represents the beginning of something and this Spring is no exception. This Spring, I've decided to start a blog about my photography experiences, letting clients, colleagues and followers in to my thoughts and feelings about what I've done as a photographer, and what I will do. I'll admit, putting yourself out there is scary, but as I found out when I submitted my first photo online for people to view, analyze and critique, scary is good. Truthfully, that scary feeling passes over time and I expect these first nervous key strokes will too. But this isn't just about blogging. This Spring, something big is about to begin for GK Johnson Photography and I want to share it with you. I've taken the giant step of opening my own photography studio. As of April 1st (not an April Fool's joke, just a wonderful coincidence!) I will begin to transform a little over 800 sq. ft. into a 3 room studio, complete with a change room and meeting area.

In some ways, the feelings of opening a studio are much like posting your first photo. I've stayed awake at night with questions racing through my mind. Will people want what I offer? Am I good enough to own my own business? Can I afford it? What if I fail? Am I prepared to succeed? Much like letting people see your work for the first time, I've realized that these questions will all be answered in time and this is a journey of personal and professional growth. So, in honoring the new beginnings of Spring, I invite you to come along as my journey begins. Over the next few weeks, I'll post about transforming the space I have into a warm, comfortable and professional space that can be shared with other creative-minded folks. For those who like and share my blog, there may even be a giveaway or two, or three along the way. Until then...Happy Spring!



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