The Journey Begins...

Running your own business isn't easy. No matter how well prepared you are, or think you are, there are always unforeseen obstacles that arise. The obstacles themselves aren't what's important though. To me, they are more of a learning opportunity than a hinderance, a chance to learn and know how to better navigate the path in the future. I've spent many days overcoming obstacles in my business' infancy and there's one thing that has kept me! Coffee has helped me begin down the path of success, whether it is a quick cup to start my day, a late afternoon pick-me-up, or a date out to converse with friends, clients or colleagues. Coffee has such an important role for me that I want to share it with you.

That's why I am doing my first giveaway in 2019! You will receive a FREE GK Johnson Photography coffee mug with any individual or family portrait session booked for June. It can be in home, in studio, our outdoors on location. All you need to do is pick a date, book a session, have a great time, receive 10 wonderful photos and a free mug. It's that simple! Oh, be sure to like and share my Facebook page, or follow me on Instagram too, for my next giveaway.

Now, onto my next cup...

Greg Johnson

GK Johnson Photography


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